De Kas has its own greenhouses and garden near the restaurant, where we grow vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. We also have a large field about 10 kilometres from Amsterdam in the Beemster region, where we grow seasonal vegetables outdoors.

Our gardening team can be found there every day, working the soil, planting, weeding and harvesting the finest herbs and vegetables for our kitchen.

Chefs and wait staff regularly lend a helping hand. Harvesting in the field takes place at sunrise everyday so that the restaurant’s guests can enjoy the freshest possible ingredients.

From May to October,
our guests are welcome
to tour the nursery and garden in Amsterdam or attend a workshop in the field in the Beemster led by our green brigade.

Because we are unable to grow everything we need ourselves, we supplement our harvest with fresh ingredients purchased from farmers in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

Our main suppliers are:
The Van Berge, Kuijk, Tromp, Bakker and Klopper families of the Beemster region, for delicious fruit, fresh grey peas, beans, sweet corn, leeks and Brussels sprouts.

De Lindenhoff and Pieter van Meel for dairy products and organic meat.

Van As for daily fresh fish from the Wadden Sea and the North Sea.